Realigning the Azimuth

C64 Month: Or How a Little Computer Makes Connections

Commodore 64 Month is one of those things that will always fill me with excitement.

This time around, it’s rather interesting - just from my own little relationship with the machine this past year. Getting back into it (and the associated scene), collecting titles, recording a steady stream of gameplay videos, and becoming part of another community.

The funny thing is, looking at how the past year’s gone - I feel that it’s also been great for making friends - something which I honestly could use more of. I’ve had quite a few great times, doing things like being a part of the Protovision 4 Player compilation review (in the latest issue of Reset), along with some other hardware adventures.

Experiences like that, that’s what I enjoy about gaming. Being able to make friends, catch up over games, and have a great time. Those I find incredibly meaningful, and what I love about the C64 is that it’s helped make a lot of those happen for me.

So, I know I had a great C64 month, and I can’t wait for next year - because I know it’s always going to be another month of fun and reflection on my favourite home computer :)fir