Realigning the Azimuth

Talking Retro at Freeplay

Last week, I was give the opportunity to present a piece at Freeplay’s Sunday Unconference talks. As you wouldn’t necessarily be surprised to think, it’s related to some of my experiences doing the channel, and how in general, there isn’t a lot of reflection backwards in gaming history - and why I think it’s actually worth doing it from time to time as developers & designers of games.

Thankfully, I was lucky to be able to record the talk, and whilst there was some noise over the intro & outro, the main talk itself came out rather well. So, using that, I synched up the audio with the slides I put together, and also replaced slides where I talked about a few retro games, with proper footage - and put the results up on YouTube for you all to watch.

Despite the problems in the outro, the links I included in the tail end are in the video description - and if anyone’s interested in more details, do shout out!