Realigning the Azimuth

Podcasts, Expos and Other Things

Okay, so I kind of dropped the ball here. If by dropped, you basically mean completely forget it about for 6 months. Whoops!

So some things that I need to recap which might be of interest to you folks. The first was that in January, I was a guest on the Press Play on Tape podcast - this time around, it was all focused on Acorn’s wonderful machines (which is funny - because I have appeared to on a massive BBC Micro kick again). I quite enjoyed catching up and talking micros again with Alex & Daz as always.

Along with that, we’ve been quite busy on the Reset front. (Issue 8)[], focusing on C64 Adventure games came out a few months back, and more recently we released Issue 9, dedicated to the games of Hewson Consultants! Which is quite an coincidence, as they’re coming back into games publishing with a rather sweet shmup titled Hyper Sentinel. They’re currently running a Kickstarter to get some cash together to help complete the base iOS build, and start porting it to other platforms.

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the demo, and put a small video together showing it off. If you like your retro-esque shooters, then you should consider backing it if you’ve not already. It’s still got a few weeks left (at least at the time of writing) - and there’s some nifty things you can get for your pledge!

Speaking of the channel - I finally cracked 500 subs. Twice even (no thanks to a nicely timed purge on YouTube’s part). I’m kind of chuffed with some of the recent videos - from my look at Shadow of the Beast (which was probably one of the most popular things I’ve covered in ages), along with lots of C64 homebrew, and a review of Ultima I (which was good enough for Lord British to RT himself - thanks Ant!). There’s a few minor shake ups coming up soon, but if you appreciate respectully covered 8-bit computer games, you’ll appreciate what I have in store.

I’m also trying to get back into streaming the occasional 8-bit game again - some upgrades are helping this to happen, and well - I’m hoping to get a bit of action over on Twitch over there, simply because of the audience. Truth be told, I’m hoping to talk about all this lines up soon enough.

Finally, there’s Backfire. Things have been brewly along nicely there - even if at an inconsistent pace, thanks to the having a proper job again thing. Still, most importantly is that it’ll be part of the Indie Games Room over at AVCON…  THIS WEEKEND. So don’t mind me - I’m working on finalising builds, and making sure I can lug over everything I need to for demoing.

That’s quite a significant milestone to be honest. With Pocket Dogfights, I was never in the position to even attempt it - but compared to that, or even Pivotus, there’s a lot more customary elements which people do appreciate when it comes to what I’m aiming to achieve with Backfire.

So, if you happen to be heading over to AVCON, do swing by. Hoping to get some good feedback on things, along with some mailing list sign-ups. In fact, even if you’re not going, it would be greatly appreciated, if you’d be willing to sign up as we get closer to release.

I think that is pretty much it. For those who’ve been there and supporting - whether by sharing stuff I post, watching and discussing the games I’ve posted, or those who’ve thrown a bit of cash over on Patreon - you all don’t know how much that has meant over the end of last year, and the first part of this year.

Most importantly. Helping to spread the word helps. Greatly. Especially for those of us who are niche creators… with our games, videos, blog posts and whatever else we put together.