Realigning the Azimuth

Controllers at Cocoaheads

Just a bit of a quick post, but last week I had the opportunity to present at Melbourne Cocoaheads on the GameController framework which is part of iOS and Mac OS X.

The talk was primarily aimed to be an introduction to the frameworks and how they’re used in native iOS/Mac applications, as well as details on the available form-factors for the controllers. In addition to those, there were a couple of demos, though one of those happened to suffer a few technical difficulties on the night (as Murphy’s Law would indicate).

Thankfully, for those that weren’t there - the video is now live for you to watch, which should be embedded below, or you can view it here if it’s not.

In addition - for those using Unity 3D, you can find details about how controllers are mapped for iOS games from the following blog post.

Rob Caporetto - Game Controllers for iOS from Melbourne Cocoaheads on Vimeo.