Realigning the Azimuth

Farewell to 2015

The end of year is always a unique time - a chance to reflect, ponder and make plans for moving on in the next year. For myself, it’s been a year which has been a significant burden to me, and I’ll be glad it’s over soon enough, and for 2016 to be a clean ground to try and make a better job of it.

Part of that really comes down to decisions I’d made, which I thought would pay off. Instead, they led to things which put me in quite an unstable position. My big takeaway from that? You’ll know who your true friends are when you’re at your worst - and they’ll always be your best supporters.

I guess my big lesson for 2016 is to want to make sure I’m picking the right projects to be involved in. In particular, those which aren’t ones I own. It’s one thing to take risks on your personal or side projects, but when it comes to things which are along one’s primary path - it makes sense to be conservative.

As for personal stuff? Development wise, I’d like to finish off the current game I’m working on - it’s going well, just needing to get through the rest of development and get it out there. From there? Kicking off some old-school C64 development - I really want to work on doing some small game releases there. Yes, in Space Year 2016, I feel it’s something special to go from developing games on modern mobile or desktop hardware, to the limited hardware which an old 8-bit micro has in comparison.

Other than that? When it comes to my channel, I want to expand my coverage - more of the machines in my collection, and going into better detail on games where I can. I think there’s a lot which can be thought about when it comes to these old titles, and even more than ever, I think it’s worth being able to study them and try to get an understanding of how they tick.

So what else can be said? I have a lot of personal things I’d like to improve, but those aren’t exactly things I’m comfortable speaking about in a public forum.

Plus, whilst I know some folk do have cynicism of the new year - I honestly find it nice to mark a checkpoint and to attempt a clean slate. Honestly, if you’re someone who is jaded enough to not even entertain the thought of trying to enter a new year on a clean slate, then I’m not sure what to say. I think it’s important to at least try one’s best to be a better person, and whilst you should always strive to do that - the end of the year makes a good time to see how you went, and what else you should be doing to improve.