Realigning the Azimuth

Space Arena

Space Arena Gameplay Screen

Space Arena is a small proof of concept I put together as a bit of a weekend thing, and is also part of the LD26 Warmup Weekend.

The idea came from something knocking about in my head in wanting to do an arena-style shooter without the traditional dual stick controls - primarily as a means to get it running on a touch screen device.

There’s not much of a game here, but as a proof of concept, I feel like I certainly want to run with it at a later stage.

The controls are basically driven by mouse. Move the mouse about to set your direction, hold the left mouse button down to apply thrust, and the right mouse button to fire.

Download links: Windows Mac OS X Linux

Notes I’ve not tested the Windows or Linux versions at this time, so there’s a chance they might have issues. Also, I’ve made sure the Mac version has been signed for GateKeeper - so you shouldn’t have any issues there.