Realigning the Azimuth

Games I Like

The Games I Like is based upon an idea created by the Pickford Bros where indie developers link to other games they think are rather rad.

Seeing I tend to link to a fair few, I thought why not collate a few of my favourites here as well. One thing I have tried to do is pick some which are mostly a little less known compared to other ones out there. Plus, these are also games which aren’t about buying coins or timers or that. Check them out (if you’ve not already), and let me know if you happen to enjoy them.

I’ll certainly see about expanding this list as I get time as well :)

  • Minotaur Rescue (iOS): Most people would tend to say Gridrunner is their favourite of the Llamasoft collection, but for me - it’s got to be Minotaur Rescue. Taking its cues from a mash-up of Asteroids & Space-War, it’s a rather straight forward (and paired back) blaster which is a great throwback to the early days. Plus, it’s one of those few games which I find rather relaxing to play.

  • Final Freeway 2R (iOS, Android): When it comes to retro revivals, the one thing which has been missing more than anything was a racer in the vein of the classic OutRun. At least until Final Freeway 2R was released that is. With some colourful pixel art, fun tunes & some challenging racing action, it’s certainly worth grabbing if you have any nostalgia for games of that era!

  • Retro Racing (iOS, Android, Windows & OS X): Like Final Freeway 2R, Retro Racing also takes it cues from earlier titles, but this time, classics from the Amiga & Atari ST era. It’s all about overhead racing (solo or against a friend on the desktop/tablet versions), and collecting the power-ups to cross the line first.

  • Mechwarrior: Tactical Command (iOS): Out of all the games I’m featuring initially, this is the one I’d consider the most hard-core. Tactical Command is a game about controlling a series of mechs in combat scenarios, much in the manner of the MechCommander games of the 90s. Like many other strategy/tactical games, it’s one that feels perfect when played on a touch screen device, and one which gets the tactical action speak for itself, instead of fighting over a series of virtual buttons.

  • Bit Dungeon (iOS, Android): Another RPG, this time via the path of the 8-bit action RPG, with a dash of Roguelike permadeath. There have been a few other attempts at this type of game on the mobile platforms, but none have really mixed it up as well as this have to my knowledge.

  • Shogun: Rise of the Renegade (iOS, Android): The shmup has received a rather giant resurgance over the last few years, and whilst there have been a bunch of great conversions of titles from other platforms, Shogun stands out for being a rather excellent original one for touch-screen platforms. There are a lot of great details from the control set up, to the weapons & the overall life/energy system.

  • Delver (Android, Windows, OS X & Linux): At it’s heart, Delver is the result of what happens when you take a classic roguelike game, make it more action focused, and bring it into the third dimension with a first person view. It has all the great challenges that the classics offer, but the addition of real-time combat, and the extra detail in the level design make the task of exploring the caverns that much more challenging.

  • Pacific Navy Fighter (Android): Pacific Navy Fighter is the type of flight-simulation game I wish there were more of. Compared to most flight simulators on mobile platforms, it’s a heck of a lot more accessible (with a flight model that you don’t need flight training to be able to master), and an interface which doesn’t clutter the screen with virtual controls. Overall, it’s one which doesn’t take a great deal of time to pick up, and is great fun whilst you do.