Realigning the Azimuth

Reporting In

Things have been a little busy lately (especially with GCAP 2013 having just wrapped up) - hence the silence lately.

Now it’s a bit more under control though - here’s the brief low-down on a few things which have been happening as of late in my little indie developer world. Truth be told, I’ve spoken about this stuff to varying degrees elsewhere, but it’s nice to have it centralised here as well :)

The first is the new game I’m working on: Pivotus - what I’m terming a minimalistic, rotational arcade shooter. Much like Pocket Dogfights it’s another throwback to the my gaming roots, and again trying to put an interesting take on it.

The game’s still horrendously early in development - so I can’t give a release date, or the intended platforms at release yet, but unlike PD, I’m trying to be a lot more open in the development, hoping to help get a little more interest in it as I build it up. The first part of that is a series of developer diaries I’m producing. The plan has been to aim to get one up weekly (except for last week), and cover what’s been going on with the game’s development for that week.

If you want to check out the series, you can catch them all from this playlist on YouTube. I’m certainly interested in hearing what you happen to think about the game as development proceeds :)

Besides that, I’ve been doing a bit of retro Let’s Playing - for now it’s been the trusty C64, although only via Emulation until I get some capture hardware and some other items sorted out. Whilst I do need to warn about the lengths - some games might only be a few minutes in length, and others could be a bit longer - but if you’re still interested, they’re collated into this playlist.

Finally, the release of Unity 4.2.2 bringing iOS 7 controller support has got me excited. At this stage, until I’m actually able to order a controller and implement support on iOS, I’m unsure when I’ll be able to get that submitted. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather not rush support without having a controller in my hands to test with to make sure it’s as responsive as possible.

Again, I’ll be posting with more details when I’ve submitted that to Apple :)