Realigning the Azimuth

Controllers Update & Other Bits

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted about the initial plans for controller support in the next update to Pocket Dogfights. With a bunch of work for it complete, and other work still pending, I thought I’d put together a little update piece just to cover what is happening, and when things will tick over into the next phase.

Unlike the previous release, I won’t be aiming to release these at the same time, but rather as they’re finished. The main reason for that, is that there’s a lot of platform specific work to test this time, as I want to get each one tested and released in turn.

First off, will be Android - at this stage, I’m currently fine tuning bits & pieces to polish up the integration with the MOGA controllers. I’ve been working with them for review & some feedback and after a bit of revisions, I believe I should be able to release this to Google Play later this week.

After that, I’ll be completing the last few pieces for the PC/Mac/Linux versions. I have most of the support working there, with the only outstanding task being to get the detection working on Windows, and to finish the generic controller support - which entails providing a UI for configuring which buttons are to be used for firing weapons.

I’ll be honest here - this is still a bit of work, so I’m hoping it won’t take too much extra time.

Once those are submitted, I’ll be working on the iCade support for iOS. If the rumour mill is to be believed, then next month will be when iOS 7 is finalised & released to the public (along with new iPhones). At this point, I’ll probably work to submit an iOS 7 compatible build, along with a follow-up to support the new iOS 7 compatible controllers when I get my hands on some to test & integrate with.

I’ll also post updates as I get releases submitted here, the Facebook page & Twitter account.

As for the other bits I mentioned in the title? Well, I’ve been doing a tad bit of retro-related gaming (and stuff) to break the time when I’ve not been coding on the update, and the first taste of that has been uploaded - a little play/demo of Gravity Crash Portable for the PSP.

You can check the video out below (or here) if you can’t view the embedded one. If you did it, please let me know, and leave a rating or comment on the page. I’d really appreciate it - sometimes, I can’t help but feel I’m posting into a void with these updates, but that’s not true, right?