Realigning the Azimuth

More Dogfights in More Pockets

Yet another quick post - this time to celebrate Pocket Dogfights v1.1.0 going live, along with a couple of surprises!

The main purpose of this update was to throw in a few extra bits & pieces, as well as extend the gameplay a tad.

If you’ve not already seen it - the trailer for the update is embedded below:

If you’re unable to watch that (being at work/etc) - the tl;dr version is as follows:

  • Added in the P-51 as a alternate flyable aircraft.
  • Added two new power up weapons: Rapid Fire & Spread Fire
  • Added the ability to pick which level you wish to start from (from any you’ve previously reached)

I’ve also tweaked things a bit for performance (which I hope helps iPhone 4/iPod touch 4th gen/iPad owners).

With that out of the way - a few more bits & pieces! To celebrate this update along with PAX Australia, the price for the iOS, OS X App Store & Android will be dropped to $0.99 (or equivalent) for the weekend!

In addition, after a long time working out a viable way to sell it, I’m happy to also announce that Pocket Dogfights is now available for PC’s running Windows & Linux. It’s available in a Pay-What-You-Want ($1 minimum), DRM Free bundle along with a standalone OS X version. You can grab it via Gumroad from this link:

Finally, if you’re going to be around at PAX shout out! I still have a bunch of the stickers left over, and I’d love to get them out there :)

Again, all the buy links are as follows - please share & help spread the word about this big update! :)