Realigning the Azimuth

Thoughts and Comments on OMT 2013

Like quite a few of my friends & peers in the iOS space, I spent last Friday at the third One More Thing conference. Against other conferences, OMT (to save my typing fingers) has always been about the stories, and has been a great way to think about why I do what I’m going (especially in light of some personal changes in the last few months, let along my thoughts & experiences with the Pocket Dogfights launch).

Since the event, the biggest thing I’ve realised were which of the talks I gravitated towards were the ones which felt like they were more resourceful or inspiring for me, which I happen to think is a reflection on where I am at the moment, and the areas where I need to get better with going forward as an independent developer.

I think the most useful of the talks (in terms of resources) were Lex Friedman’s talk on pitching to the press (something I know I need to improve on based on the outcomes of the launch of Pocket Dogfights), along with Jaimee’s talk on copy (which, does have me thinking about what I’ve written in the interface for Pocket Dogfights) and Maggie’s piece on Prototyping & epiphanies (again, having the process clarified really helps - sometimes when you’re working solo, you’re mostly just getting used to a certain routine, one which might not be the best in the long run).

As for the most inspiring, that would most likely be Karl’s talk about being a beginner again, which is incredibly timely with WWDC a fortnight away (yikes!), along with Dave Wiskus’ talk about being out there & remembered (which, was something I noticed in the post-conference socialising - people had certainly remembered me & PD after some side stuff).

All in all, it was a great day, and a great opportunity to catch up with other developers, along with meeting some new folks out there. If you’re reading this, and we happened to speak during the day, please do shout out :) (Be nice to keep in contact with people who I did meet & speak with).

I’m in the middle of tidying up my notes - I’m not sure they’ll be up immediately, but if anyone happens to be interested, do shout out, and I’ll see what I can do. I should also say, when the videos do come out, then certainly grab them - they’ll be worth the money for being able to catch up on the day.

Until next year at least. I’ll certainly be there :) (Meanwhile, best I get focued on getting ready for WWDC then ;p)