Realigning the Azimuth

System Reset

I think this is the third attempt at making some form of blog. Both of the previous attempts being limited by the software I had chosen at the time. Which, ultimately was a consequence of how I thought I wanted to blog at the time.

But now, since then, it’s ultimately a different time. Working on web infrastructure is less of a priority compared to back then, and the need for a dynamic blog has happened to bite me in the behind in terms of server management. In addition, the herald of the Post-PC era also implies several differences, the biggest being my shifting preference for wanting to be able to write posts anywhere.

Which of course, means something which is easier to edit than a form on an administration page for a package. Thus, a static package, such as Octopress happens to fit my needs much better than before.

So ultimately, here we are!

A new blog. A new platform. A new way of doing things. Hopefully this means my waffling will be a little more consistent than it used to be.