Realigning the Azimuth

Professional Projects

Professional Projects

Innchanted (Unity, C#)

Innchanted is a Windows/Console co-operative game in which you (and some friends) are tasked with reclaiming your Uncle’s inn from a evil wizard landlord.

  • Expanded the tutorial system which introduces core mechanics for players.
  • Led implementation of new mechanics like Mobs (plus others which were cut) and expanded upon others (like Thieves)
  • Led implementation of framework for building out Options UI screens
  • Helped with updates and integration of Sound Effects and Music Events (via FMOD Studio)

Ice Caves of Europa (2018) (Unity, C#) (In Development)

Ice Caves of Europa is a Windows/Mac/Linux science-fiction cave exploration game, in which the player takes control of the Dragonfly rover exploring newly unveiled caves on the Moon of Europa for signs of life.

  • Implemented mission scripts for the majority of the game’s missions.
  • Improved processing of dialog scripts to improve stability.
  • Implemented support for Game Controllers using the Rewired library, and configured initial controller profiles for Gamepads and the X52 Pro Flight Stick.
  • Worked on minor fixes and improvements to UI display.

Armello (2015) (Unity, C#)

Armello is a Windows/Macintosh/Linux/PS4 digital board game, in which players take the roles of heros in the fantasy kingdom of Armello and battle to become the next King or Queen and save the realm from the upcoming darkness.

  • Took charge of revising and polishing off the UI (NGUI 3) across the entire game.
  • Lead the reimplementation of the Hero/Loadout Item selection and Victory screens.
  • Implemented additional in-game event communication systems.

The Amazing Race: Australia Vs. NZ (2014) (Unity, C#)

The Amazing Race was a tie in to the 2014 series (which pitted contestants from Australia against those from New Zealand) which provided a series of tie-in mini-games based on the challenge from each episode, developed for iOS and Android.

  • Lead the design and implementation of the 10 challenges based on the episodes.
  • Worked with the in-house team at HardHat for the visual and audio design of the games.
  • Handled integration with the back-end leaderboard services.
  • Handled upload and submission to the iTunes and Google Play stores, along with post-launch tech support.