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Personal Projects

Personal Projects

Invasion of the Emerald Saucers (NextBASIC, ZX Spectrum Next)

Invasion of the Emerald Saucers is an arcade-style game taking inspiration from Asteroids/Space War/Computer Space written entirely in NextBASIC for the ZX Spectrum Next. It also serves as a test bed project for me in learning developing with the Next hardware, as well as with NextBASIC.

In this, I was responsible for the programming, game design, sprites (except for the hyperspace and explosions), backgrounds and sound effects.

Gameplay Video

Development Notes/Process

Pocket Dogfights (Unity, C#)

Pocket Dogfights is a Windows/Macintosh/Linux/iOS/Android arcade game, in which the player takes the role of a WWII fighter-pilot and must battle waves of enemy fighters and bombers in an attempt to get the highest score.

I handled coding, gameplay design, sound effects design, and some art elements such as power up graphics, and particle effects.

Meteor Swarm (XNA, C#)

Meteor Swarm is a Windows retro-inspired action game combining simple gameplay, fast-paced action, and the thrill of getting the highest score on the high-score table.

Eventbook (Cocoa Touch, Objective-C)

Eventbook was an iOS application designed as a means to easily access your Facebook event feed, as well as pull up a map containing the location of an event - this was well before Facebook’s own application supported such facilities.

Eventbook Composite Screenshots

Games from Assorted Game James

Onslaught in Space (2013)

Onslaught in Space was a small shooter I created for Ludum Dare 26 (where the theme was minimalism). You can read more about the development of it here.

Space Arena (2013)

Space Arena is a small arena shooter concept I put together as part of the Ludum Dare 26 warmup weekend.

Don’t Crash Into The Black Hole (2012)

Don’t Crash Into The Black Hole was a small game written for the GDC 2012 Pirate Kart. Keep your space craft from crashing into the black hole as long as possible.

MicroMiner (2011)

Micro Miner was a small attempt at a space shooter somewhat influenced by Asteroids and some other titles. Written for a small informal group event.

It’s available for Windows and Macintosh.